Urdu is one among the four major languages of the world. Its readership cuts across regional, linguistic, religious and socio-cultural barriers and, despite all odds, it is one of the most popular languages not only in the sub-continent but throughout the globe. Being the language of the common people, it has a special significance in this continent. It assumes more importance due to its status as official language of the Jammu & Kashmir State where it serves as lingua-franka between the three linguistically different regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.


The official status of Urdu language and popularity of its literature among the masses has made the department of Urdu the focal point of activities with regard to the development of this language and its literature. The department, since its inception, has endeavoured to come to the expectations of the masses in general and Urdu lovers and students in particular. The department has the honour of having been served by some renowned scholars and critics of Urdu world and we in the department try our utmost to foster the legacy of making the department more vibrant in terms of quality education and research. The mission is to serve the society with a vision to produce the students and scholars with ample knowledge of the subject so as to face the challenges of the rapidly changing scenario.  The syllabus framed for M.A programme is exhaustive enough to cover the wide range of subjects related to Urdu language and literature right from its origin up to the present developments. Besides other courses, it includes world classics, comparative literature, mass media and art of translation.


The department provides opportunities for the students to interact with and learn from the scholarship of renowned writers / teachers of the Urdu world by way of arranging frequent extension lectures. Weekly literary function “Bazm-e-Adab is a platform for the students to give vent to their creative faculty.

The efforts and the commitment of the department towards maintaining good academic standards have brought good results as the placement ratio of the pass outs is more than satisfactory. The department has the credit of having the highest number of NET / JRF / SET qualified students in the University so far.


We believe in quality research carried out by M.Phil / Ph.D scholars and the acclamation from the experts is a matter of satisfaction. The research journal of the department “Bazyaft” with ISSN 0975-654X is regarded as one of the leading Urdu journals and to improve its quality the department has started the process of peer review system to make it a refereed journal. I, as Head, wish the department to excel further to be a centre of excellence and expect from the students to exploit at length the facilities provided by the department. 

Prof. (Dr.)Arifa Bushra
Head Of Department